There are times when we are screwed over poor internet availability and can’t get to our most loved games. In these circumstances, Android games which require no internet or Wi-Fi are recommended. We have handpicked some of our most loved no wifi games. These are ensured to keep you engaged, notwithstanding when there’s an internet or Wi-Fi connection.

Temple Run

Temple Run

The first Temple Run is one of the major titles that surprised the smart phone gaming world. The fun part of it includes running on perpetually while attempting to abstain from tumbling off a bluff or getting executed by traps and evil presences. Players can likewise gather coins and different things en
route. Given how prominent it is, we may see a Temple Run-themed film soon.


Android IOS


Subway surfers

Subway Surfers

Like Temple Run, the Kiloo-created Subway Surfers is a perpetual sprinter and a standout among the most downloaded games on Android. Players need to continue running without being caught by the cop who is running after them. En route, they can likewise gather coins and open treats like jetpacks and  endowments/gifts.




Badland is a side looking over activity experience game set in a dim timberland or forest. The woods seem lovely, yet there is some problem with it. The player needs to control an animal and discover what’s turning out badly. There are various traps and obstructions, and the diversion additionally offers a
multiplayer mode with help for up to four players. It has 23 categories and gives an immersive gaming background.


Android IOS


Asphalt 8-No Wifi Games

Asphalt 8

No rundown of best disconnected portable games can be viewed as entire without Asphalt 8: Airborne. Among the best dashing games accessible on Android (and different stages), asphalt eight fun part of the play is that of its ancestor. You are given four control choices – tilt to guide, tilt and symbols, on-screen controls, and tap to direct. Be that as it may, the no internet game devours a great deal of storage room, and its continuous updates are similarly significant.


Android IOS

Fruit Ninja-Games Without Wifi

Fruit Ninja no wifi games

Need a decent exercise routine for your fingers? Look no more remote game than Fruit Ninja. You have to cut every one of the organic products that show up on the screen by rapidly running your finger crosswise over them. Be that as it may, you additionally must be cautious and abstain from cutting the explosives that show up alongside the natural products.


Android IOS




Limbo is an intriguing 2D puzzle no internet game that can be played offline. Players only need to utilize components of nature to settle the riddles and push ahead. Limbo has outlined and monochrome illustrations that give it a kind of a dreadful vibe. Alongside this, players additionally need to deal with things like power, slugs, and water.


Android IOS

Smash Hit

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a first individual running game where players need to toss balls to soften hindrances up their direction. The game has 50 distinct rooms and 11 styles. The catch is the quantity of shots in the stock additionally liken to add up to lives. The game requires center, focus, and timing to go beyond what
many would consider possible, as well as break glass questions that hinder them.


Android IOS

Plague Inc.

Plague Inc.

On the off chance that you’ve at any point played the Pandemic glimmer game, at that point you’ll adore Plague Inc. The idea is the same: you will likely spread the torment, taint the world, and convey humankind to an end. It sounds like it’d be simple. However, this is a system game at its center — not at any instance should trouble to make you surrender, yet it indeed offers a sufficient test to keep you playing.


Android IOS

Crossy Road.

No Wifi Games

Crossy Road is an infinite game in which you should exchange a character through endless streets, railroads and turbulent waterways. This would be excessively basic, as every single recorded place won’t be loaded with autos, trains, coasting logs and other surprising obstructions.

Skip six paths loaded with hurrying autos? Hop over the rails, where one arranges with twelve of wagons is dashing? It is only a routine in the game of Crossy Road. Each progression forward gives you one point. The final outcome will be reported, when the character passes on. At that point, everything begins once

Crossy Road has some pleasant “cubic” designs, the same as in Minecraft. The photo is made in a similar entertaining style from the entire games. It influences you to grin. The same goes for sound. Each character has his particular song, and every one of them is fun. As a rule, the game gives you just positive feelings. Honestly, this is another perpetual arcade game, however, made with a high mind. This offline game unquestionably replaces your obligation time executioner the following couple of weeks.


Android IOS


Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight

All the young men and young ladies in their youth long for getting to be bosses of hand to hand fighting. That is the reason we are here to transform them into a war proficient in this shadow fight game.

Shadow Fight is made in blending of two types: battling and turn-playing game. The objective is to lock the doors of the shadow. For this, a player should struggle with numerous adversaries and malice managers with devil faces.

The entire gameplay will happen as a progression of short fights that will last up to two triumphs. In the fight framework it is fundamentally the same as Mortal Combat, yet the nature of execution, maybe surprisingly better than in this undying battling game. A player will be given a touch of cash for each triumph that can be spent on various gear. The game is played by a vast number of individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Attempt it as well!


Android IOS


Plant verse Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies FREE

This is a unique game among the most essential and addictive no internet game of 2017. In this insane experience, you will meet with fantastically entertaining zombies and beat them. Accumulate a multitude of useful new plants, accuse them of the compost and make an arrangement to secure your mind. Do customary errands previously the time closes and get individual honors for finishing epic missions. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million times as of now. You have an opportunity to attempt it as well!


Android IOS


Six Gun

Six Gun No Wifi Games

This Android game is a going to Wild West where you will meet posse groups and different tenants from different universes. You expect races, tricky witches, and other insidiousness spirits. You will be offered 19 sorts of weapons, stallions and different things to battle with adversaries. The first saint – Buck Krossou – compelled to recreate this own passing with a specific end goal to escape demise on the hangman’s tree. From that point onward, you need to go to Arizona. Be that as it may, you don’t envision what is sitting tight for you.


Android IOS


Angry Bird

Angry Birds

We as a whole know Angry Birds, and a large number of us know Angry Birds Star Wars, however, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 may be the most elegant variant of the arrangement yet. Rovio has consummated its triumphant equation to influence an impressive looking and unendingly replay able Android to a title. Everything concerning Angry Birds Star Wars 2, from the art style to the menus, to the character capacities and level outline, sticks to an abnormal state of value.

Regardless of whether you adore or detest Angry Birds, it’s challenging to thump this title for how it accomplishes its points. Beside every so often troublesome trouble spikes, Angry Birds Star Wars 2 is a thundering achievement. On the off chance that you may require a simple, free, get and-play Android game that looks exquisite, give this game a look and attempt it.


Android IOS

Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider no wifi games

Next one on the rundown is in the biking classification. It takes the interminable hustling kind to the other note with the assistance of a full vacation mode. The idea is to drive through the movement and accomplish the different goals the game offers. A first individual driving perspective and distinctive designs add to the gaming background. Traffic Rider discovers their separating variables in the way that the bicycle commotions have been recorded with the assistance of good bicycles.

Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

Named by the reasoning individual’s different option to Angry Birds, each of Cut the Rope’s material science-based levels is an astound holding up to be disentangled, as opposed to a demolition zone in the holding up.

Your assignment is to control a sweetie into the little beast Om Nom’s mouth. Be that as it may, the sweet is held in suspension by ropes. Swipes over these strings break them, yet you can’t merely flick away helter-skelter. If the sweet tumbles down through the screen, you can come up short the level, and both the ropes and the sweet are liable to certifiable style material science. One wrong move could send Om Nom’s imminent treat into confectionary blankness.

Cut the Rope can’t be drawn nearer in the careless way that some easygoing games can. However, it’s bythe ideal accomplice to those fast in and out game sessions. If this game were free it’d have piled on a massive number of downloads on Android – the Android App purchasing group might be a tight cluster, yet this is a standout among the most persuading motivations to set down 62p.


Jetpack Joyride

In Jetpack Joyride, players endeavor to escape from a research facility after taking a specific jetpack that pushes itself by shooting shots. They have the alternative of running or flying through the air, shooting researchers on the ground. They will likewise need to abstain from turning circular electrical segments, which demolish the jetpack and end the game. Players can also get catalysts, which incorporate an automated suit and teleporter, to enable them to get further in the game.

Jetpack Joyride is the encapsulation of the “one more turn” title. It might be to some degree oversimplified in its gameplay and not have a vast number of unique components, but rather the diversion is so all around cleaned and executed that you can’t resist the urge to keep playing over and over and once more. From the assortment of extra weapons – like the step suit or the awful as hoard (a sharp joke on the more questionable term) – to the fun improvements you can purchase with coins (earned inside the game or accessible using in-app buy), it’s out and out enchanting. What’s more, the consideration of Barry  Steakfries, a legend in a different game by the engineer, is a fitting gesture to the group’s committed fans. For a dollar, it’s difficult to amiss with this one.


Ninja Revenge

Ninja Revenge no wifi game

Ninja Revenge which is a Prison Escape Survival delineates the escape of the ninja from the forceful jail of the ace. Ninja Revenge would influence the ninja to battle and murder utilizing the abilities he has learned from every one of his lords. The experts are on the whole dead however one the most abhorrence one is
the first miscreant in Ninja Revenge.


Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

The game is free and includes driving your 4×4 truck up slopes, crosswise over scaffolds, down slopes and after that up more slopes. En route you gather coins and fuel. Drive too gradually, and you’ll come up short on oil; drive to snappy, and you’ll unavoidably flip the Jeep over (the crunching sound is very sickening). By then it’s game over, and you begin once again.

Utilizing your coins (in addition to reward money from hops and flips), you can overhaul your vehicle’s motor, tires, suspension and 4×4 framework. These turn out to be progressively costly as you keep repairing. Each level (there are 14 and each one bar the primary must be opened with coins) has different stages, and you get a reward the first occasion when you pass each point.


Gangstar Vegas

Angry Gran Run

You play as MMA contender Jason, a beefy man with a snake on the back of his coat who begins the game by marvelously neglecting to toss a battle. After some brief prelude and a couple of missions that clarify how things function.

Stay on the left of the screen moves Jason around like an alcoholic with his shoes entwined, while a gathering of buttons on the left offers you an opportunity to swing punches, shoot and when the time is correct, take autos.


Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run no wifi games

Angry Gran Run for Android and iOS is one such senior, bouncing, sliding and tearing around many meters of cityscape without delaying for air or breaking a hip.

By tilting the cell phone, Gran jukes right and left to get coins or crash in to “punks” covering the street. A swipe of the finger sends you hanging sharp turns or bouncing or sliding out of a hindrance’s way. Keep it together sufficiently long, and you begin amassing enough coins to purchase wacky outfits.



The above games can be played without Wi-Fi or any internet connection hence less expensive.