15 Best Prank Call Apps Free for Calling Prank Android and iphone



Today I would examine Apps which pranks one during calling. Honestly, there are a few occasions when you would need to do the trick on your companions and family when communicating with them with some complex number and voice. There’s no any individual who won’t value a decent snicker! It appears that pranks have existed for quite a good time. That is the reason as to why the Prank call Apps have gone digital! Presently there is a large assortment of prank calling Apps, which can help you to prank your companions without an excess of exertions!

Some of them depend on thoughts of conventional jokes. Others are uniquely made for Android and iOS clients, similar to pranks that emulate breaks on the screen. You can pick those that you consider being the most hilarious. Is it true that you are prepared to investigate best prank App? At that point, I have sorted the widely known Apps which we should apply to our smartphones to bring that funny effect on us. The following is a list of the prank call Apps;

VIP Call Prank App


Vip Call Prank caling app


This App is an outstanding amongst other Prank Call Apps which distorts or changes caller identity. With the assistance of this great prank calling App, you can convert your caller identity. The mobile phone will ring however showing all the credentials including photos and names not forgetting number of any of your chosen VIP Persons. In the wake of noting the voice during calling, you will hear a strange voice which you’ve chosen.App is fantastic and will be found in either Android play store or
Apple store. Download it today and make a difference. Surprise your friends and families with this hilarious Prank Call App.




Fake-A-Call App.


Fake-A-Call Free


The name tells everything, and the App is for making counterfeit calls. You can go without much of a stretch prank your companions and families with this Prank Call App. Nobody expects to get fake calls, and that is the thing that makes this sort of prank calling App the best to play tricks.This specific prank calling App permits one to make counterfeit calls both to your companions and to yourself. It furnishes you with nine distinct voices keeping in mind the end goal to escape recognition just on the off chance that you won’t make something up yourself.
This App comes in two variants. The paid one incorporates additional contents and voices and demonstrates no advertisements. So, the free one is sufficiently enough. Download it now and make your first fake call! You’re going to love it!




Change Voice Prank Call App.


Change Voice Prank Call


This is a calling App found in Android phones as well as Apple phones. With the assistance in this, one can achieve easily a wonderful distortion of his or her voice which will match what one has planned to give his or her companions . Likewise you can record a voice on your smartphone gadget and play around with voice on you mates through sound distortion into a Woman’s among others. So, you should always appreciate App. This prank call App will create humor, scare or attract the attention of the person you are calling. Download it and create a smile on someone’s face.





Scary Ghost Prank Calling App.


Scary Ghost Prank Call


Scary Ghost App is an amazing App found on Android play store for Android clients. With the assistance of this awesome App, you can conceal your character by calling a variety of people including your companions. This can be aided with a time meant to call. this great prank calling App, you can alter caller identity, caller picture to take a form of scary creature which resembles a ghost and share it with your companion and mates at different locations. The App is hilarious and astounding prank calling App free for Android clients. You will enjoy this prank call App, as long as you download it on your smartphone. Try this App today.



Funcall – In Call Voice Changer & Call Recordings


Funcall - In Call Voice Changer & Call Recordings


This is a well-known and stunning prank call App meant for a variety of smartphones utilizing Android and Apple phones. With the of the App, one can easily distort his or her voice and share it with companion from the peak and amusing to profound and a voice meant to scare. One can likewise record his or her voice in his/her gadget for pleasure. This is an essential App forsmartphones users, tablets and much more.You can distort your voice before calling your companions or relatives. I believe this the most appealing App to try.



 Santa Prank Call App.


Santa Prank Call


You can apply Santa Prank Call App on your smartphone to communicate with a chosen group of people in your caller list or to another list a process which is thoroughly free for all clients. So, you can without much of a stretch utilize this prank call App and appreciate it. With the assistance of this great prank calling App, you can trick your companions or your mates using this App. Likewise you can keep a call in your gadget for fun. After the call, you can revisit your recorded call and enjoy the conversation.


Celebrity Prank Call App.


This celebrity type of App is the widely used in Android and iOS clients. This is appealing in all clients and hence you can celebrate it and if one happens to capture the assistance of this App, one can easily convert his or her voice to match his or her most loved Celebrity and make a call to your companions or family. With this, you can likewise conceal your subtle contact elements from your partners. So, you should be happy with this amazing and satisfying app from all angles. Download this App and surprise your friends and families.

Scary Prank Call App.


Scary Prank Call


This is a form of call App for Android clients. With the aid of this App, one can influence a prank to call your companions, familyor sweethearts. For utilizing this application as a beginner, you select the rundown of the most scaring individuals, which you need to call you. At that point, choose a number and a name or a photography which will make a perfect prank to your friends and families.


Who’s Calling Fake Caller Free App


Who's Calling Fake Caller


This is another prank call App to trap your companions with a Prank Phone Call. The characters in this App can converse with you, or you can record your particular voices. With nine call screens accessible, counterfeit an approaching call from a celebrity name, your beau or sweetheart, or anyone you need. You will have a hard time believing that it is so natural to include VIPsor funny web pics.

Some of its highlights accessible are record your particular sound for the calls you make, every caller in this prank call App will converse with you when they call. You can look at nine call screens which are accompanied by 99 ringtones. It can postpone the call time and comes pre-stacked with a few calls to kick you off. You can likewise include any photos from the web to a caller ID. You can also erase calls you would prefer not to. To delete a caller, touch and hold until the caller begins to shake, at that point tap the X. Auto-Lock can be identified in the general settings of your iPhone or iPod touch. This prank call App does not use your ringtones and is expected for diversion.


Prankster Prank Call App


Prankster Prank Call


This is another excellent prank call App, with a decent appraisal and reviews. This App has a straightforward and simple interface. To make a funny call merely select a prank call situation and utilize call pad to enter the telephone number or pick any from your address book. Once you have chosen the name, send your call, sit tight for the call to be finished and be recorded.Presently this App will let you tune in to humorous response.

It accompanies pre-stacked 50+ pranks to browse, and new pranks are included routinely. It additionally can be saved on your smartphone so you can impart them to companions. You can likewise send calls from a choice of custom numbers in different range codes.




Prank Dial Prank Call App.


PRANK DIAL - #1 Prank Call App

Prank Dial is extraordinary compared to other prank call Apps accessible for Android and iOS. It accompanies more than 200 million prank calls sent and non-stops giggles all inclusive. It enables clients to save their calls in their prank call App history. It gives three free prank calls a day and more than 150 prank calls to browse, new pranks are included routinely.
You can pick an amusing prank call accounts, similar to the works of art, “You Hit My Car,” and “Why You Call My Girlfriend.” It gives you a chance to choose a companion or relative’s telephone number and send them a prank call. You can likewise tune in to the silly prank call responses and share with mates. It has a decent outline and easy to use interface. Prank Dial will do precisely what you like and seems like a genuine individual. It additionally accompanies prank call innovation that robotizes the call, it knows when to talk, and will leave you with a funny response.



12. Bluff My Call Prank Calling App.


Bluff My Call

This is a stunning App for smartphone clients. You can develop a funny voice, furthermore you can record calls in your gadget. With the assistance of this, you can easily create unusual, and mysterious prank calls to prank your companions and many more people including your better half. This App can help you make pranks in such a way that, there is a man who is maintaining a strategic distance from you to respond to the telephone.



13. Fake Police Prank Call App.


Fake Police Call Prank


Fake Police App is a decent, astounding App for a variety of smartphone clients. This prank call App can be used by a diversified group of people including Aunts to reward their kid’s conduct. This prank call App has a few themes which you can browse for good or evil characters in reality and more others using some amazing images. Try this App and see the outcomes.



14. Prank Pack Prank Call App.


Prank Pack


It’s an all-around prank App, not just prank call App, this App has loads of pranks to play on your companions, including a fart joke. The prank App offers six different pranks for free, and seven needs to be acquired. Among those that are without charge you will likewise discover many intriguing ones, for example, hair scissors, giggle track and funny crash.

Prank Pack is an arrangement of the best amusing prank Apps in one and has a substantial extreme trolling accumulation. It has numerous entertaining and unique pranks that can’t be discovered anywhere else. Its primary highlights incorporateFarts/Whoopee pad, Scissors, Hair scissors, Cracked Screen, Fake Crash, Laugh Track, Farting Camera. The highlights include the paid variant are Radiation Detector, Finger Scanner, Emergency Call, Blue Screen of Death, Detector, BloodPressure screen, Thermometer among others.

The App is free, yet a portion of the pranks are premium and must be opened. Keeping in mind the end goal to unlock them you need to procure virtual money by watching recordings, advertisements or finishing Tap joy activities.



15. Cat Caller Prank Call App


This is applied in receiving your telephone when it’s ringing. You need to set a given period for receiving the phone calls. In thewake of getting the mobile call, words meant to be said by you are projected by the cat hence establishing a voice and amazes everybody around with heckle. This type of App is mostly utilized by children and grown-ups.






So, these were 15 prank calling Apps that can convey somewhat more joy to our lives. On the off chance that you have a remark to this rundown, please make an effort to remain allowed to impart it to me.
Pranksters be careful! Pick your casualties precisely and don’t give your prank calling Apps a chance to offend somebody. The results are always obscure, so utilize these pranks calling Apps mindfully. Have a great deal of fun and be keen on picking Prank Calling App! You will always achieve the best. Keep it burning.

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