What Do the Snapchat Ghosts Mean?

Are you a Snapchat user? Even if you’re not, you’ve probably heard of this famous social media platform. Users from around the world communicate with their loved ones, friends, and followers through this smartphone application. but do you know snapchat ghost meanings?


What makes it different? Messages sent through Snapchat disappear just a few moments after the receivers read them. This makes the users feel more secure because the things that they say online are not stored in the inboxes of other people. This application provides a safe way of sharing secrets, gossips, and even sensitive pictures for some.


Aside from Snapchat’s messaging feature, it’s also a new way of sharing your life with the world. Users upload stories on their profiles which their followers will see. These stories can be in the form of pictures or videos. But what makes everything even more exciting for everyone is the filter feature or effects that you can use to make your picture or videos look more fun and creative.


However, there are still some parts of Snapchat that users don’t understand. And some of these are the Snapchat ghost faces that they see besides their friends’ names. These icons have different designs and meaning. This article will give you an idea of what they mean, so keep reading!


Where to find the Ghost Icons?


First, you have to know where you can see these icons before you can understand the Snapchat ghost meanings. Here are simple steps that you should follow.


  1. Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  2. Choose the ghost icon that is located at the top of your screen.
  3. Click “Added Me.”
  4. Now, you can view the Snapchat Ghosts beside the names of your friends.


Unfortunately, these icons can’t be modified or changed by users. You might see that there are various kinds of ghosts which might look funny. However, this is assigned randomly to your friends by the Snapchat team.


There are speculations online that suggest this Snapchat Ghost faces meanings are based on your behavior as a user, but there are no concrete pieces of evidence that this suggestion is true.


The Snapchat Ghost Meanings


Snapchat Ghosts Mean


Here 14 Snapchat Ghost icons that you will see on your app.


  1. Ghost with Peace Sign


This icon is can mean that your friends see you as someone who is optimistic or have a positive attitude. This one is something that you should like!



  1. Ghost with Blue Bubble


This ghost shows that he is sleeping or feeling very sleepy. Maybe you said boring things to your friend or it can also mean that they are not interested in what you’re talking about. Create fun and lasting conversations by showing your personality to your friends.


  1. Heart-eyed Ghost


A heart is an expression of admiration or love towards someone. The person who has this icon might like you and talks to you a lot about Snapchat. They can be your best friend or boyfriend, or girlfriend. They might frequently reply to your snaps or messages that is why they have this kind of icon beside their name.


  1. Joyful Ghost


Snapchat is created for everyone to have fun and enjoy. Various features and icons are here so that users like you will be in a good mood while communicating with your friends.


If several of your friends have this beside their names, then their Snapchat Ghost faces meaning is that they’re very happy when talking to you. They might laugh a lot when they’re talking with you or they love receiving your snaps because you make them happy. Keep it up!


  1. IDK Ghost


This icon simply means that the other person might be confused about your snapping relationship between them. Maybe they are unsure of how you see them because you talk sweetly but are just friends. Yes, that happens. If you like this person, then consider telling them how you feel so everything’s clear and not confusing.



  1. Angry Ghost


There can be three meanings for this kind of Snapchat Ghost: Anger, Annoyance, or Grumpiness. This can be a sign that you have to be careful when you talk or snap with this person. They might be easily angered or they have a short temper when it comes to other Snapchat users.


Spread love through Snapchat, show this person that she is loved. Maybe send her nice compliments and messages to brighten up their mood and make them smile instead?


  1. Ghost smiling with tears


This Snapchat ghost is smiling with tears of joy or it is laughing out loud (LOL). It might be because you sent them a really funny picture that made them laugh so hard. This kind of ghost might mean that the person is very easy to talk to and they laugh a lot when they’re talking with you. Nice!



  1. Shocked Ghost


This ghost usually appears when you block someone on Snapchat. This means that they will be shocked or surprised when they discover that you are not friends with them on Snapchat anymore.


  1. Content Ghost


If you see this type of ghost, this might mean that they don’t have any reaction at all. They might have little activities or interactions on the platform that is why they don’t have a response written all over their faces. Say Hi if you want to make their day!


  1. Crying face Ghost


These cute Snapchat ghosts have feelings too. It could mean that they are hurt, disappointed, or upset. Be nice to everyone. The person who has this kind of Snapchat ghost might be receiving some bad news or mean words from other people and they are very hurt.


  1. Surprised Ghost


Do you like surprising someone? Your friends who have this Snapchat ghost beside their names might always be surprised with your posts or snaps. This can also mean that you are an unpredictable person to them.


  1. Nervous Ghost


This one usually appears when you added someone and you’re still waiting for them to add you back. The ghost is nervous that the other person doesn’t want to be friends too.



  1. Snapchat Black Ghost


A Snapchat Black Ghost can have several meanings. This might mean that the person took a selfie ghost but covered his or her camera so that there is no face on the icon. But it can also mean that their Snapchat profile has been deleted or deactivated. If they deleted their account, you will not be able to chat with them anymore via Snapchat.


  1. Rock on Ghost


This is one of the coolest Snapchat Ghosts. It means that the person is saying “Rock On!” which is a sign of being cool and being easy to go along with. If a person has this kind of personality, then they are going to be great friends with you!



How To Have A Selfie Snapchat Ghost?


While the different Snapchat Ghost icons are interesting to have, there is another way of having a fun Snapchat icon on your profile. This is by having your selfie!


Here are several steps to do this:


Step 1: Open your Snapchat.


Step 2: Swipe down from the top of your screen to see your Snapchat ghost icon.


Step 3: Click the yellow box where you can see your Snapchat ghost.


Step 4: Tap the white circle and pose for your selfie!


Snapchat ghost icons are cute features that the company created for their application. It makes users love their platform even more. However, if you’re still confused about what the Snapchat ghosts mean, then we have to tell you again that there the company never released a statement regarding them.


Researches online show that these icons are also assigned to users or your friends randomly. The interpretations that we have in this article are based on online sources. They are not official meanings of Snapchat.


However, we hope that you enjoyed learning about them. They are going to make you more informed about the personalities that you might encounter on Snapchat or the reactions of your friends.



Always Remember…


Snapchat is a community of fun people who want to share their stories with the world. Even though we don’t know what these Snapchat ghosts mean, they’re always a reminder to us that we have to share good vibes whenever we talk to one another.


Always be positive and give nice words to your friends. Never use Snapchat as a way to bully or send mean words to other people. Share the love and peace even though Snapchat is only an online community.


Make other people’s day even brighter by using filters and sharing funny content that will make everyone laugh. This way, you are making the world a brighter place even without leaving your home or your country. It’s one of the easiest ways to affect people positively.


If you still haven’t downloaded Snapchat on your phone, here’s the download link: https://www.snapchat.com/download


Snapchat is always upgrading their system and adding new features so always keep yourself updated by subscribing to our website! Send your comments below if you want us to make more Snapchat stories for you!

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