Tutu App – A Free Gateway to Get Paid Premium iOS and Android Apps

In this digital era, with the abundance of smartphones, iPhones, and iPads, a large number of apps have been in innovated by Apple and Android.Tutu App From safeguarding the device to playing games or taking selfies, multifaceted apps serving varied purposes have been introduced to enhance the experience of the digital technology. However, more than half of these apps are premium apps which limit the availability of the usage. Plenty of apps have a trial period beyond which users have to pay for the services. Some premium apps require users to pay a monthly subscription while others go for a one-time payment. But is there a way to get these premium apps for free without paying a single cent? Most certainly there is.

Tutu App allows users to download premium apps from Google Play store and Apple store for free. Sounds too good to be true?

You don’t have to take our word for it, learn more about Tutu App in our detailed review.

Previously, before using the third party apps you had to root your phone or jailbreak from iOS. But with Tutu App you can get access to premium content without jailbreaking from iOS or android.


What is Tutu App?


tutu app

Tutu App is a free application available on Android and IOS platforms. It is considered as an IOS and Android helper that is accessible on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices. Having this app is a true bargain as it allows users to install paid apps and games for free.

Initially, Tutu App was introduced in China, and the first few versions were only available in Chinese. But in the later versions that app was upgraded to English making it more user-friendly.

With the growing popularity of Tutu App, users are more curious and concerned about the security. To keep it straight, Tutu App is a completely safe software that does not hinder the security of your device.

To install the Tutu App users do not need to jailbreak their phones. Instead, Tutu Helper is the best way to access the Tutu App.


What is Jailbreaking from iOS or android?


Both iPhone and Android smartphones come with some preinstalled applications which act as the default applications. Neither can these apps be removed or uninstalled. Moreover, purchasing an iPhone gives you access to Apple store only, and an iPhone User cannot download applications from other app stores.  Same goes for android users. Jailbreaking or rooting the phone is the idea of breaking free from these limitations.


Jailbreaking comes with certain advantages including access to more apps and other stores. Often premium apps available in Apple Store or PlayStore have mockup versions which can be downloaded by a jailbroken phone. Overall, jailbreaking gives you more independence in terms of utility.


But all good things come with its own baggage. Many prefer not to jailbreak iOS, here’s why –


  1. If you have jailbroken your phone from iOS or android you are no longer entitled to the ‘Warranty’ offered by Apple or smartphone Company.
  2. Jailbreaking makes your device open to more malware and risk attacks. The phone is no longer protected by the security software of iPhone or Android.
  3. It can lead to unforeseen circumstances such as frequent freezing of the device, short battery life, the dysfunctionality of certain apps and more.


Lastly, though jailbreaking is not illegal, but it is advised in guidelines to abstain from jailbreaking. Not only does jailbreaking breaks away from the barriers of Apple it also attributes to the reduced security and increased the vulnerability of the device.


Do I need to jailbreak iPhone before using Tutu App?



Tutu App does not make jailbreaking compulsory. The user may or may not choose the jailbreak his phone solely depending on user discretions.


Features of Tutu App


Classified on the basis of utility, the Tutu App has three different versions. The functionality remains same, but depending on the OS and device the classifications have been made.

Tutu App VIP (IOS)


  • One of the many reasons Tutu App is a winner is the advantage of downloading apps on IOS without having any Apple Id. Unlike Apple store, the Tutu App store does not require users to give apple id for download.
  • Jailbreaking is not necessary to download Tutu App. So, you can enjoy the flexibility of Tutu App without compromising the benefits of iOS.
  • The Tutu app store is being updated every day with more number of premium apps being made free. Moreover, fast download speed makes it convenient for users.
  • The Tutu app has an inbuilt cleaner that removes the stored records from IOS (also available in android). Hence, it does not stagnate the data and the device does not become slow.

Tutu APP for PC (Helper)


  • The Tutu Helper app is specifically designed for Apple computers. It has a simple installation procedure to load in the system.
  • Tutu App offers an app management feature that helps users to delete, update and install apps without a hassle.
  • Tutu app also bring in a feature like file manager that helps to manage Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other tools of the device.


  • Multiple original apps and duplicate version of premium games are available.


Tutu App for Android


Having similar features as Tutu App VIP and Tutu App helper, Tutu App for android does not need Google verification, thereby it does not tie the app with the users’ accounts. Hence, anyone can use this app without compromising on security or safety issues.


How to download and install Tutu App in your mobile?


Downloading Tutu App in your mobile is a matter of minutes. Follow our simple stepwise guide for installation.


Tutu App Installation Guide for Android

  1. First, download the latest version of Tutu App .apk from their website. Click on the link below for direct access http://www.tutuapp.vip/index.php?r=overseaTutu/pcIndex
  2. Now, check file manager and locate the .apk file. Click on the .apk file to start the installation
  3. In your security settings, turn on ‘install apps from unknown sources’ to allow downloading Tutu app easily.
  4. Once the app has been installed, open the app and give the permissions to get unhindered access to paid apps.



Tutu App Installation Guide for iOS


  1. In your iOS device, open Safari browser and visit the official website. Go to the link below for direct access https://tutuappvip.org/download/
  1. Once you have loaded the page, you will notice multiple Tutu App versions for iOS are present. Click on the latest version (iOS 11)
  2. A pop up window will open. Click on the save button to download the app.
  3. Once the installation is complete open profile section (Settings à General Settings à Profiles), browse down to Tutu App and tap to trust the app.


Is Tutu App Safe and Legal?


Users often neglect the legal bindings and rights of premium content, but many are concerned if using the Tutu app is safe and legal.

At present, Tutu App does not violate any legal issues. According to the terms and conditions of Tutu App, the building block of this app is a massive hard disk that stores variety of content including applications for iOS and androids. However, users are not allowed to resale the content or make use of it in any commercial way. Moreover, to access this magnanimous resource, users have to be a member of the Tutu App community by downloading this app. In terms of a layman, the data shared by Tutu app can be considered as a vast content sharing community without commercial intent.

Now, that we know Tutu App is legal, we need to know whether it is safe.

The fact that Tutu App can be used without jailbreaking makes it perfectly safe. During installation, the Tutu App asks for different permission (call, send messages, read logs and more). Though it can be considered a risk, but the Tutu App is overall a safe app. Android users (marshmallow and higher versions) can edit the permissions, and also choose not to give all permissions.




Indeed, Tutu App is not your everyday app that can be easily installed from the store. But the features offered by Tutu app are not regular features either. Without spending any money, Tutu app brings a wide array of prime apps, games and tools within the reach. With further upgradation the app has become user friendly and safe, and contains very few bugs. The download process can be a tad bit tedious, but the benefits of the app surpasses the qualms of download. The app base is expanding rapidly, and it’s bringing more featured and valued applications in the Tutu Store.

So, immerse yourself in the Tutu world and get full advantage of this profound platform for the best entertainment ever.

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