What Song am Listening to? Let the Song Identifier App Help you

Music is part of everyone’s life, once a beat or music starts, we can’t resist to listen and sing with the song it plays. And how wonderful it would be to remember every line, title and every song details. There are times, when you are just left to hum because you just don’t know what song am listening to? Then, with today’s technology, you can now don’t end-up – asking what song am i listening to? With the song identifier app, it can help you to know the details of the song you are listening, and love. It can assist you to find the song name, its lyrics and name the song and finding the song name as well.


Here is the best application in the market today, these can give you an idea what song is playing right now, to let you enjoy the songs more! What song am listening to



Sound Hound.


Sound Hound

This is one of the best song identifier apps for Android. You can know this is popular from the number downloads it shows. It can identify the song quickly from a speaker in seconds, identify songs when someone hums the tone or sing the lyric of the song.

This app can allow you to enjoy the lyrics and song preview options. And you can enjoy the song you like with your friends by sharing the songs worth sharing via Twitter and Facebook. It has a home-screen widget which can allow you to enjoy this song identifier app even the app is not actually launched.What song am listening to






Shazam What song am listening to

This application has a superb name and performance. This is a free Android application which extends unlimited song identification. To know what is the song playing, all you need to do is hold your phone to external speakers and then it can instantly identify what is the song playing right now. Once the result has been shown, this app allows you to preview the song for 30 seconds and also guides you where to buy or download it for free. It also has a lyric support , which let you sing with the song you like.

If you love sharing on YouTube, you can watch the video here and share the content like music videos and concerts. Shazam is also a social network, where you can add friends, check and discover your friend’s music collection, let them know what song am i listening to- with friends. It is also supported by Facebook and Twitter to let you share TV shows and find songs you love!





This is another great application that can name what song is being played right now. It also has a large collection of songs and music from around the world. This free apps can name you the title of the song, song-lines, artist and videos related to the song.

MusixMatch music app

It supported and can be used for Android, iOS/Phone, Windows phone and Windows PC.

It can view song lyrics from different websites such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, SoundCloud, Apple Cloud, Google Play Music and other streaming music services.What song am listening to




 Mobion Music Global


midomi Song Identifier App

If you’re interested with a song identifier app that can do more, this application will fit you. It can be used as a music player that plays the content of the songs, can become a karaoke player which can create or edit for the songs choose, and it is supported by video streaming that enable you to manage and stream your videos.

This application can identify what song is playing right now, and other information about the songs such as artist profiles, name of the song and its lyrics. The process to scan its music library will take seconds, and then shows the result automatically.

Enjoy their Shake and Share app feature where you can make-new-friends with this app. This way, who among your friends love the same type of songs and musics.







This app is developed by ScematicLabs, it can do more than just a song identifier apps. Its main purpose is to shares-soundtracks through SouncTracking. This means, it identifies the song quickly, and then share it on the social network. This music ID feature, can classify of analyzing what is the song playing right now from the external speaker or your Andriod phone. At the same time it can also show other information about the song, such as lyrics, artist, photos and albums. When you have known all of these, you can share the song instantly with your friends.What song am listening to



MusicXmatch Lyrics & Music


MusicXmatch Lyrics & Music

It is a multi-song identifier apps which can tell you more about the song you are playing. These can be its lyrics, song-artist, album and videos related to the song. This application is known to have the largest collection of songs and lyrics from different parts of the world.

So, if you’re curious and asking what song am i listening to, this app can help you identify for it has a built-in-player, with a library of songs, musics, playlist and favorites. It can quickly find songs in its collection.




midomi Song Identifier App

It’s a web-based and mobile application is free to use. If you want to look for a particular song, all you have to do is click the button that says, Click and Hum icon, then start singing or do the hum or whistle for a few seconds to help the program analyze the tone to find your favourite song in its library. You can also record and play a small part of the song,this will allow the Midomi to search and match the right song you are looking for.

You can use a microphone or a built-in microphone will do, a working flash player,or install any lash player.







This a web-based application that can help anyone to look for the song playing or the song you got on your mind. With its database covers variety of music all over the world.

All you need to do is sign up and upload the MP3file of the song, partial of the song or any recorded song. The answer will be base on the members of this site, which may result to inconsistencies relating to the song’s details.

The members of the WhatAtSong will give you suggestion on regarding the name of the song, lyrics, artist and other information you may need. It means it up to you to accept the result or not.




musipediaWhat song am listening to

This application is inspired by Wikipedia, is an open music encyclopedia. This is an app that enables the user or anybody to edit, search and expand the collection of melodies, tunes and musical themes.

By the use of its Melodyhound, its search engine, you can find and name the tune of the song or music. With the use of the piano, whistle or tapping a rhythm on the computer as the information to process the search in the Musipedia Library of music and songs.

When you are looking for the exact melogy and intervals between notes, Melody Contour Search is a good one to try. All you need to know which one is the high and low note or the up and down tone, or if the pitch doesn’t change.




Google Sound Search



This apps is available for Android OS on few countries only. The widget can work as a home screen and very similar to Shazam. You can download this to Google Play or Play Store.

This application can help you find the song you are looking for, so you can avoid asking yourself this question “what song am i listening to?”So, no more hanging on the thread to figure-out the name of the song, the lyrics and the artist of the song. With this song identifier apps, you can quickly know the details of the song you are listening to






This application has a database of song that can let you identify the songs and music in a few seconds.This is free to use and works similar to Shazam. It can record songs, or just a hum or tapping, you can get your result on the song title, the content of the song, artist, photos and videos related to the song.

You need to hold your phone so the program can pick up the song or music and then process them in its database. This application is compatible to both Android, iOS devices.




Spotify: Free Music Streaming


This is a free to use application that allows you to find any type of songs and music. This song identifier app can provide details of the song on different genre.

Among its top features are, making playlist, finding playlist, streaming musics, and is Andoroid compatible, can give song and social recommendation.

Sharing your compilation of songs is easy here. You can also create podcasts and so on. This multi app service will be a great way to have on your pockets.




Hey SiRi

Hey SiRi

This song identifier apps is the Apple’s application that uses Shazam algorithm. You need to turn this ON, and connected to an internet, to be able to use it.

Here are the steps how to use it:

-Press & hold the iPhone’s “Home” button to open Siri feature.

-You can hear two quick beeps means Siri is On.

-You can ask questions or command to find the song (then hold to play the part of the song)

-Through the microphones and Siri will display the result of the details of the song on the screen.

-There will be an option to buy the song from iTunes.



Snap Chat



If you love Snap Chat, and you enjoy music, then you only need this application as a song identifier apps. Recently, Snapchat has linked with Shazam! This integration offers a valuable feature to Snap Chat, now once you have installed it, it can quickly identify the songs without any delay.

Here it how to do it:

-Once you open Snap Chat, press and hold on the camera screen to Shazam a song. Place and hold your phone to the source of the song or music.

-When the application recognizes the song, a screen will pop-up will be displayed the name of the song, lyrics, artist and other information about the song. You can get this information by clicking the “Song Info” button. Once the summary of the song is displayed You can swipe it up so you can listen to an excerpt of the song.





This one of the best song recognition site online and has an impressive and reliable result when looking for the details of a particular song. It’s database is huge and covers different genre when it comes to songs.

So when you are asking yourself with this question “what song am i listening to?”, this site is a good place to visit to know more about the song’s name, songline, artist, album, photos and videos it relates to.

It’s Audio Tag feature can allow you to identify most of the unknown piece easily and quickly. All you have to do is to provide a short audio clip or just a part of the entire song. The system will record it and analyse by the program, then fetch the information from it’s library of songs and music.

It needs to be installed on your computer and connected online. This tool can help you to remember more songs to add on your favorites.






It provide service to help users who needs song identifier apps. This application runs on Windows and Mac operating systems. It can be downloaded for free, and just like the rest of the song identifiers, it can record the audio and analyse the song or music given to the program and then, searches its database for its match.

The process will only take a few seconds to wait to see the displayed result on your screen. You can expect to have an accurate information on the song’s title, lyrics, artist, video and photos.

Tunatic supports Windows, and Mac operating system. It used a microphone or use your computer’s built in microphone, to get the information to start the search process.






DS Music Recognition


DS Music Recognition

This free song identifier app can name the title of the song, lyrics, name of the artist, album name, videos and so on. All the application needs is for the user to submit an audio data so the search process will proceed. This way, the program will go through its database to look for the matching tones and its details. Then summary of the details of the song will be displayed to the screen .What song am listening to

You can then, listen and enjoy for the whole song and manage your history list of the identified songs.







Genius — Song Lyrics & More

Another application you’ll enjoy to have when it comes to song identifier app. When you are stuck with the question what song is playing right now, you can rely on Genius to name the details of a particular song like the title of the song, lyrics, artist, album name and so on.

There is an easy instruction to follow to have an accurate summary of the song details. Enjoy more songs and remember them with this app.What song am listening to


what song am i listening to,what song is playing right now ,song identifier app





You can use this application as streaming song, album,artist or playlist. This song identifier app can do a search on its catalogue with millions of songs in it. Just submit a partial or the title of the song or lyrics, let the program do the search from its database.

Create your own playlist and share them with friends. You will enjoy personal recommendations and listen to the unlimited playlist.

Download this application can give a free access to their database and import MP3’s You can also create channels and podcast, radio and audio channels using this app.




Google Search

This search engine is a another tool to help you with your song search. All you need to do is use Google, and type in the song or part of the lyrics you wanted to look for. Once you’re done, click the enter key. This will allow the search engine to find through it’s database the details you are looking for.

On your screen several information will be displayed, like title, lyrics, artist, videos, and photos related to the song title or part of the song you just entered.What song am listening to

You can also use YouTube search for the song.


Trackid Music Recogition



When you are at the point asking yourself what is the song playing right now, the TrackID Music Recognition can be a good one to keep at your side. This works almost the same with Soundhound and Shazam, where it has a big database to search for the right song-name, lyrics, artist and other information about the song.

This application won’t leave you hanging on with a question in your mind about a certain song. For it can process the search function quickly and accurately. The summary of the information about the song will be displayed on the screen.

Listening good and quality songs with its friendly atmosphere, All you need to do is open the application and tap the button to find the song you’re playing.What song am listening to

You can also use it while you’re offline, just capture the track and identify the song while you’re still connected. Then you can listen to a preview of that song for free. Connect TrackID to Spotify and listen to the music you have identified earlier. Put them on your favorites for you they have wide genre albums.





This is another web-based application melody search engine for folk tunes. You can search songs through humming, playing and instrument, sing a melody or say the title of the song you’re looking for What song am listening to

Just like those song identifier apps, it goes through its database and find the match, then fetch the information in its database. On the screen, the summary of the details of the song will be displayed.

So when you are looking for any folk tunes, you can use this site. This can help you and give relevant and accurate result.


Beafind-What song am listening to

This is app recognizes music you submit. The search process is quick and easy to follow. You’ll enjoy it’s visualize and identify the song it plays. This has a party experience as soon as you press the lightning button.

It uses a microphone to get the data it needs to identify and then searches its database for the details of the song. You can also have history recognition on songs and you can preview the song already identified. Then you can listen to the song identified on its streaming services like YouTube, Spotify and Deezer.


Version iD-What song am listening to

This is another song identifier app gives the answer to your question – what song am i listening to right now? It somehow works like the other music recognition apps by holding your phone to the speaker and let the apps analyze the song playing. This process will take a few seconds and then, will give you the specifics like artist bio, lyrics, previews, YouTube videos and name of the song. When these things are done, you can also download the song/music and get ringback or ringtones.What song am listening to

This application also supports image recognition that, it’s program can identify images like album covers. If you love winning prizes, this app gives away concert tickets and gadgets to those who can ID a song or image via the iD to Win Section.Update your favourite songs and artist, then share them through iD is possible via Facebook, Twitter and email. Make use of this widget app on your home screen to easily know the song through this song identifier app.


Remebering all the songs and music that one’s enjoy and love is a good thing. What great pleasure to sing with every line and know all the details about the song. The song application to identify songs provide great service to help people to keep everyone in-tune. Answering the question “What song am I listening to” or “what song is playing right now” have simple solution with the song identifier app.

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